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  • How to shop on Pieta Verre.
    Shopping at Pieta Verre for cremation urns has never been easier thanks to its wide range of collections in glass, crystal and porcelain. Informative introductory pages guide shoppers through the details of each collection, providing a short history and helpful manufacturing information related to the particular product range. Depending on the style desired, customers may choose from available keepsake sizes, adult sizes or companion size urns - while some collections feature only a single type of urn size. Explore the Pieta Verre Online Store and discover the perfect design that speaks to your sentimentality. SHOP BY AN URN TYPE Furthermore, you can choose between crystal, blown glass and Bohemia porcelain material types to ensure that your loved one's memory will last a lifetime. Informative sidebar menus are available on all product pages with more details, so that you can make the right decision for yourself or someone else who has recently gone through a loss. At Pieta Verre, we understand that selecting the perfect memorial item is an important task. That's why we provide a helpful customer service team that can help you find what you are looking for. Our representatives are both knowledgeable and friendly, so don't hesitate to reach out to them. We have a convenient live online chat, e-mail address, or telephone number (+1 734.418.2618) to connect with us directly and get the answers needed as quickly as possible. Whatever your needs may be, our customer service representatives are here to assist you in finding the perfect urn or keepsake.
  • Pieta Verre Types of Urns.
    Our cremation urns come in a variety of size, style and material options, allowing you to create the perfect memorial for the special person in your life. Whether you are looking for a traditional vase-shaped design, or a modern and decorative piece, we offer options that honor your loved one's legacy and capture their personality. We have keepsake, individual and companion urns designed from glass, crystal, porcelain and ceramic. Plus, there are some designs available where you can customize them to feature an individual's hobbies or interests! With so many choices, our selection is sure to fulfill any need for a cherished memorial.
  • What urn size do I need?
    When considering an urn for your loved one, one of the most important details to note is its volume, given in cubic inches. Typically, the funeral industry suggests that one cubic inch of an urn space should be provided per pound of a person's weight. For example, if someone weighed 150 LBS, when alive, then at least 150in3 (cubic inches) should be accounted for when selecting the corresponding urn. Additionally, those looking for a keepsake typically choose ones ranging from 10-36in3 (cubic inches). When placing an urn inside of a niche, it is essential to ask your service provider for the inside dimensions and compare these measurements with product specifics listed on our product page to ensure that the chosen urn will fit accordingly. Informative as this might be, just take time and select an appropriate urn size to properly honor your loved one.
  • TSA rules for transporting cremation ashes.
    Carry On Bags: Yes (Special Instructions) Checked Bags: Yes When traveling with cremated remains, it's important to know what restrictions your airline may have. We understand the need for respect and suggest purchasing a temporary or permanent container made of only lighter materials for easier screening. These materials should be such that the TSA officers can clearly determine what is inside the container. In this case, carrying on the bag is allowed; however, if the container generates an opaque image, it will not be permitted in accordance to carriers' policies and out of respect for the deceased, TSA officers will not open a container no matter what is requested by the passenger. (*source: :
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