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Capture the beauty of a graceful bird in flight with the Secret Garden - The Flying Bird urn. This luxurious and unique cremation urn pays tribute to your loved one and celebrates their life. Put them in a place of honor with this artistic and sophisticated hand-blown cremation urn. Exquisitely crafted from white opaque glass, this timeless piece is made from the finest materials possible. Painted by hand with attention to detail, each urn is custom-made for Pieta Verre in the Czech Republic. It features a stunning motif of a bird soaring through an idyllic garden complete with genuine 24-kt gold accents throughout the painting. The lid of this captivating urn is further embellished with a hand-painted rim using gold leaf, making it truly unique and special. Let your loved one continue to soar high in spirit as they find peace surrounded by beauty and love forevermore.

Secret Garden: The Flying Bird®

  • Height: 29 cm / 11.41 inches 

    Volume: 213 in3 

    Color:  White with a painted motif, accents in 24-kt gold

    White satin pouch included

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