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Welcome to the special and meaningful world of Sunset - a cremation urn that is hand-crafted with care, skill and emotion. Lovingly made with 24% lead double cased ruby red crystal, this urn will be cherished for generations to come. Its subtlety exquisite touches are made by expert artisans from the Czech Republic who imbue each piece with unique detail.  Each Sunset urn is finished detailed with a beautiful hand etched engraving and carefully hand carved for an unparalleled quality, making it a perfect way to honour a beloved life. When placed in its special resting place, you can take comfort knowing that life goes on amidst beauty and sunshine - just like your loved one who will always remain enshrined in your heart forever.


  • Height: 23 cm / 9.06 inches 

    Width: 18 cm / 7.09 inches

    Volume: 200 in3 

    Color: Red 

    White satin pouch provided

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